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About us

Dr Kilungya and Mama Shifah are twins born and raised from western Kenya by a strong community medcine man. in early 2000s the twins succeeded there Father and continued serving in solving various problems including; solving marriage issues, settling Land disputes, Recovering Lost items by use of strong ancestral powers among others.
The twins became more popular and exteded there services to the entire world after being advised by one of the victims to have a website this has helped the Twin witchdoctors to extend there services worldwide.
Talk to dr Kilungya & Mama shifah about your problems today and get immediet help without side effects.
information on this site is sampled from few victims and may not satisfy your problem domain please contact the witchdoctor and explain your problem and you will be helped.
visit the rest of our site to get to know what we have to offer. thank you  

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